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London Toile

Brand: Timorous Beasties

Designer: Timorous Beasties


The London Toile is the second Toile that Timorous Beasties have produced, the first being the "Glasgow Toile". The London Toile is different aesthetically and its reference is from the "islands" of images that are often found in the original Toiles.
The London Toile was designed from a love of London and a love of the old toile's that were produced in pre revolutionary and post industrial France, in the small town of Jouey in the 1770's. The London Toile was designed using the same techniques as the original Toile's by separating the drawings, producing extra depth and texture by overlapping and leaving gaps in the artwork to create more tones when the inks overlap one another.
Some imagery in the original Toiles was sinister, they depicted scenes that were then "contemporary", but we now see as looking traditional. Some scenes showed the factory at Jouey, and others rural scenes of workers relaxing, drinking, dancing, and womanising. Timorous Beasties have not actually changed much in the Toile concept, but have updated the references from the contemporary urban.
The London Toile series is available in three colours and is sold per roll.


Material: Paper
Width: 52cm
Repeat: 77cm
Roll Length: 10 metres
Style: Quarter Drop

Delivery: up to 2 weeks

£90.00 GBP