• School of Thought Notebooks - The Feminists
  • School of Thought Notebooks - The Feminists

School of Thought Notebooks - The Feminists

Brand: School Of Life

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History is filled with some fascinating 'schools of thought' dedicated to tackling life's big problems in distinctive ways. We've created this exquisite set of notebooks in honour of The Feminists.

Each notebook carries an introduction to a great Feminist thinker on the inside front page, their name beautifully printed on the cover - and is otherwise empty for your own projects.

A set of three notebooks, plain, grid and lined paper (one of each). Mill, De Beauvoir, Greer

We have all been powerless and weak before a woman (our mothers, for example) and many men seem unable to forgive the opposite gender as a whole for this experience. In order to feel secure and masculine, they have sought to humiliate and degrade women, treating them as their inferiors in every way.

Motivated by fear and self-hatred, they have denied them money, education, freedom and rights. It is only in recent history that things have changed, thanks in part to the pioneering work of people (some of them men) known as ïfeministsÍ who _ without guns, money or power _ used some cogently-expressed ideas to change the world.


Material: paper-bound notebooks,
Dimensions: 125 x 178mm, 64pp

Delivery: up to 3 days

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