• "Literary" Keyword Pencil Set
  • "Literary" Keyword Pencil Set

"Literary" Keyword Pencil Set

Brand: School of Life

Designer: School of Life


We thought it would be helpful to emboss a selection of these words elegantly along some finely crafted pencils so that we'll get them more clearly in our minds while we write. We've packed 6 pencils into three boxes, each dedicated to an academic discipline, and containing a leaflet which perfectly explains what these words mean and why they matter. An ideal combination of the thought-provoking, the attractive and the useful.

Literary Pencils: Allegory, Anagnorisis, Bathos, Tragedy, Bildingsroman, Elegy

Each set contains six embossed pencils and a booklet of definitions in a buckram finish box.


Material: Wooden pencils, card box
Dimensions: 6 pencils

Delivery: up to 3 days

£12.00 GBP