• Soap Rock - 12oz.

Soap Rock - 12oz.

Brand: Pelle

Designer: Jean and Oliver Pelle


The Soap Stones are handcrafted glycerine soap intended for both use and display. Consisting of all natural, vegetable-based soap ingredients, the Soap Stones are made and hand cut.

Drawing from a material palette inspired by naturally occurring gemstones such as Rose Quartz and Aquamarine and metamorphic rock such as Jade and Onyx, the soaps combine these brilliant colours with the fragrant effects of essential oils such as Eucalyptus and Camphor.

Create an exquisite display of colourful soaps on a sill, shelf or mantle or place them by the sink for your guests as a delightful surprise!


Material: Vegetable based soap ingredients

Weight: 12 oz

Delivery: 2 - 3 days

£36.00 GBP