• Odeon - Composition 32

Odeon - Composition 32

Brand: Arlex

Designer: Arlex


Odeon is a modular range; it's elements measurements, accessories and finishes are extremely versatile.

All compositions can be modified to meet your requirements in terms of size, configuration, functionality and finish. Please contact us for details


Woods - oak, ash, olive ash or walnut.
Matt/Gloss Lacquers - white, grey, light grey, orange, blue

A: W:146 x D:46.5 x H:146cm
B: W:192.4 x D:46.5 x H:53.2cm
C: W:192.4 x D:29.5 x H:4.5cm

Delivery: 10 - 12 weeks

£254.00 GBP