• Scrapwood Wallpaper PHE-06

Scrapwood Wallpaper PHE-06

Brand: NLXL

Designer: Piet Van Eek


Scrapwood wallpaper by Piet Van Eek.

Piet Hein Eek developed a vision on recycling long before it came into fashion.

"The scrapwood cupboard from 1990 was my reaction against the prevailent craving for flawlessness. I was walking around in a lumberyard and suddenly realized that old wood looked better than new. We are used to wanting mass products that are perfectly produced and look exactly the same. But I thought that there was space for imperfection. If you make honest furniture with natural materials and it gets old or scratched, it still looks beautiful Ñ its aesthetic value never diminishes. I wanted to show that products that arenÕt perfect still can appeal to our sense of aestetic and functionality. I also wanted to design a product that could be made with limited means, material that was abundant. The combination of uncommon material and also uncommon, but simple methods of working became the thread through our work."


Material: FSC certified paper. Heavy-duty wallpaper with paper top layer & membrane backing
Dimensions: 48.7W x 900cm

Delivery: 5 - 7 days

£199.00 GBP