• Baby Dome Light
  • Baby Dome Light
  • Baby Dome Light
  • Baby Dome Light

Baby Dome Light

Brand: Mater

Designer: Todd Bracher


"Best Table Lamp 2009" Wallpaper Magazine.

"The Dome Lamp is an iconic representation of 'what is light?'. Light emanates evenly in a 360 degree pattern from its source (such as in the case with the sun) so therefore the most honest approach toward the design of a lamp to me was a spherical solution. The design is essentially a globe form hollowed out to allow the light to distribute. Such a mathematical solution enables the design to be timeless and familiar however completely new in approach as it is more of an engineering solution than a fashion based one." Todd Bracher


Year: 2009
Material: spun aluminium dome, 50% recycled aluminium
Dimensions: Dia 25cm

Delivery: 6-8 weeks

£275.00 GBP