Places and Spaces presents at Spring Fair International 2014
Displaying products from Puebco, Waterquest and Anything

PUEBCO create extraordinary household items, gifts and stationary from unconventional, lost or forgotten objects and materials. Timeless designs result from a juxtapose of antique and modern, mixed with a rough and ready honesty, finished in delicate and detailed packaging. 

It’ s all about colour! We love colour and here is a brand offering you a rainbow of options. Crafted metalware with a revitalised vintage look that’s both fun and functional fitting a number of settings and scenarios.
Desk, clip, wall and pendant lamps, storage boxes, magazine holders, cookie and sewing boxes, locker cabinets, key cabinets and garden carts. 

Suikosha company and designer Michael Sodeau collaborate to create a harmony in desk top accessories. Scissors are easy to locate - set in their graphic pose, a totally original and practical design to be considered as a future classic. The collection together gives any desk a fresh approach to work.